Solar Farms

New Era Containers is at the forefront of E-House design, development and fabrication. Prefabricated insulated E-Houses are ideal to house equipment like Central Inverters, Switch Gear, Transformers, UPS Units and any other vital Solar Plant Electrical Equipment.

The E-House is suitable for hot and cold environments and can increase the lifespan of standard electrical equipment. The insulated climate controlled E-House can expand the over all equipment lifespan by filtering air and controlling the internal temperature.

The E-House is constructed from 16DV 0.5mm Insulated Chromadek Panels erected on a base frame designed to customer requirements. Drilling Patterns for all internal equipment installation is provisioned for in the design phase. The units can be designed in various configurations and sizes.

E-House designs can be adapted to customer requirements with a full turn key solution on Solar Farms, Solar Panels, E-Houses and more.

PV Plants

We have partnered up with the best in the business to offer turn key solutions that include entire PV Plant Solutions including:

  • Plant Monitoring
  • Medium Voltage Switchgear and Metering Panel
  • Electrical Layout Planning
  • Generator Connecting Box (GCB)
  • Coupling Boxes (CBs)
  • Support Frame Designs
  • Racking Systems
  • Rooftop Racking
  • Carport Racking
  • Fresnel PV Concentrator
  • Latent heat storage
  • Latent heat storage scaling
  • Latent heat storage container solutions
  • Self developed tracking units
  • Concrete racking
  • Fluid dynamics simulation

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